Sunday, 27 July 2014

Quote: Once She Stopped Rushing Through Life

Scrolling through the 'Quote' section of Pinterest has become a daily habit for me. Whether it's just a way of perking myself up on a Monday morning or calming my nerves down with, 'you can do it!', type images, Pinterest can keep me entertained for hours. 

I particularly like this one because it's quite relevant to what's currently happening in my life right now. Since I got back from holiday a few weeks ago (feels like a lifetime ago!) it's all been full steam ahead with barely any pit stops and catch ups with people. Finishing college, new job, saying goodbye to old employers and friends and basically reconstructing my life. I see it as reconstructing because I'm not changing the bases, which are my family and friends who all keep me so grounded and make me feel like Rhiannon again, but changes in direction and fulfillment.

Most noticeably, I've hardly had any time to put all of my efforts into this blog. I've had a spare hour or two, where I've set aside writing posts and general social media interaction, but I hope to fit in more! It's true that it takes a lot of time, however, the results are more than worth it. 

In light of the above quote, taking a little break here and there to take part in the things I enjoy will be beneficial in the long run. I'll still be blogging, perhaps not on a regular basis, but there's still ideas to put into posts - so I'll be sticking around for a little while longer!

Thanks for reading and for all the comments and follows, it means so much to me, you'll never know how much!

Rhiannon xx

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