Friday, 11 July 2014

My Travelling and Plane Essentials

My Plane and Travelling Essentials

Travelling and I have a love-hate relationship, sometimes I can sleep through the whole thing but other times I get really nervous and anxious, which in turn makes me feel ill. Therefore, my hand luggage becomes my savior! I usually take similar items with me when I'm travelling in the UK via car, train etc. but swap in a few bits depending on where I'm going.

My Plane and Travelling Essentials

People find it weird that I take a scarf with me on the holiday, whether it be a hot or cold trip, you can guarantee you'll find a scarf on me! Flights can get really cold, so I use my scarf as a blanket or pillow for sleeping. It's also great for covering up my shoulders to prevent them from being burnt! A little snack or bar is an essential in case I get the munchies! A book or magazine is much needed to keep me busy, as it can keep me entertained for hours and I've been known to complete a book from start to finish on long haul flights!

My Plane and Travelling Essentials

Most of these are self-explanatory, but tissues, hand sanitizer and lip balm will forever be my bag essentials. I always take a mini face moisturizer and wipes so I can give my face a quick boost during the flight, flights dehydrate my skin like no other! My music is almost like a third arm, can't live without it! I've nearly filled up this one and the other day I left it behind at home, felt like a lost puppy dog with nothing to listen to!

My Plane and Travelling Essentials

There's always a ton of paper work when travelling - insurance, hotel bookings, flight details, so I carry around a little A5 folder just to keep it all neat. So organised! Passport, again, is essential. I got my cover from Primark years ago and it has a little pocket to keep all my old boarding passes in! And where would I be without my purse?! Duty free is ever so tempting...

So there's all my travelling essentials! I usually adapt them depending on where I'm going and how long the journey is, but these are my bare essentials. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know what your holiday essentials are!

Rhiannon xx

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