Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Fitness Ethos #2 Seven Minute App Cheat

I did a post a while back on My Fitness Ethos and thought I'd follow it up!

Sometimes I can go weeks of running four or more times a week and eating pretty good (I say that, because a few chocolate digestives here and there probably aren't the 'healthiest'!) But then something will set me back, like getting ill or having a massive work overload, and I'll stop running and exercising for a few weeks. It takes motivation and dedication. I'll admit that I'm not one for early morning runs, I much prefer the cool of the evenings and when I feel like I'm about to fall asleep at 6:30pm! But when I'm not running, I use an app called 7 Minute Workout:

As the name suggests, it's a seven minute long workout which gets you working basically everywhere! You can either chose to do the warm-up or not (adds an extra two minutes onto your time, so I miss it!) then it proceeds to the main section of the workout. There's a variety of exercises, from sit-ups and push-ups to step-ups and jumping jacks, which all last about a minute or so with about four seconds break in between. It might sound like a lot, but you can pause between exercises to take a breather - I usually do!

I'm yet to try out the 'Smart Workout' but the seven minute one suits me just fine. I actually manage to squeeze this in before I go to work, as it requires minimal effort of getting ready! I sometimes add a few burpees onto the end, just because they're my favourite form of circuit training as such. Overall results have been quite pleasing so far, coupled with my 40 minute runs a few times a week, there's been a real difference. Needless to say I'll be carrying on with my fitness cheat for a while yet!

Have you guys used this app before? What's your fitness tips? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xxx

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