Monday, 28 July 2014

Magazine 'Freebies' with InStyle

Gifts in magazines can be a very dangerous thing to me. When I was a kid it was collecting all the cards or trying out all the mini pastel nail polishes and beauty products that just added to the overall magazine experience. Nowadays almost every publication offers something at least once or twice a month to keep interest going.

I myself are a sucker for anything that adds to the value of the magazine! Glamour gives great 'freebies' throughout the year, as do Company. Glamour's Clinque products were a particular hit for their August issue! But what attracted me to InStyle August issue was the mini Neals Yard Geranium and Orange hand cream - worth so much more than the actual magazine itself. So far it's a lovely purchase, long-lasting and moisturising with the perfect balance of zing and floral scents. 

Magazines that offer something a little extra are guaranteed sales, it's the attraction of getting something more for your buck. I love the fact that publications have caught on to this and add high-end products each month, alongside great editorial and writing. 

What do you think about magazine 'freebies'? Are you a sucker for them too?

Rhiannon xx

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