Sunday, 1 June 2014

Update: When life gets in the way

No idea where to start with this post, so I guess I'll just get straight into it? 

Since starting my journalism course last September, the work load has been ten times more and plus some of what I had at A-Levels. There's been nights when I've been working when I'm suppose to be in bed and recently, I'll admit, it's caught up with me. Having a social life, seeing family and friends, whilst trying to study is a difficult juggle. Hence the reason for this post.

Most people will know that around May/June time of year is when the exams start snowballing in. And I haven't managed to escape this, unfortunately. So, if you see this blog being a bit neglected over the next two weeks or so, fear not, I have not succumbed to the depths of my bed with my only friends, my cat and Ben and Jerry ice cream. More like Media Law, Shorthand and Reporting revision. Besides the odd scheduled post or spare few minutes I have for the blogging world, I'll be arms deep in being a 'proper' journalist. 

In an non-emotional way, this is not the end! I'll be back asap.

Rhiannon xx

In the meantime I'll be on here crying about how much work I have to do/haven't done:Twitter/Instagram/Bloglovin'/Pinterest


  1. Exams come first, plenty of time for blogging and catching up on life once they are over. Good luck with them! X Hayley-Eszti

  2. We'll all be waiting when you come back so don't worry about taking a break! I'll miss your posts but loads of luck to you for your exams! xx

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Good luck xx Try not to stress out


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