Friday, 27 June 2014

Review: L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil VS Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Dry Oil

Hair oils have always been about, but after the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (they don't pick short names do they?!) hit the streets last year, hair oils have been a hotly debated topic. I use mine to add a bit of shine after styling and to protect before blow-drying

Like many people, I heard about the L'Oreal oil through the grapevine with a bucket full of positive reviews alongside it. £10 on one piece of hair care is quite a lot for me, but it could easily be justified by the results and amount of times I used it. It was simple and quick to run through my hair after washing and before blow-drying it, but always left my hands feeling really oily (well, duh). 

In search of another hair oil, I found Pantene Pro-V Oil half price in Superdrug and thought I'd try it out. I actually did a bit of nerd research and compared the ingredients and saw that there wasn't nothing majorly different between the two, just the price. I do prefer the Pantene Pro-V hair oil, mainly because my hands aren't left feeling oily and sticky and it's also perfect for adding a bit of shine, without looking too greasy. Plus, it smells lovely!

In the future, I will definitely be repurchasing the Pantene Pro-V hair oil! Have you tried either of these products? What do you think of them? Let me know :)

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

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