Monday, 30 June 2014

Love Me Beauty Box June 2014

I've gotta say, I do love getting my little beauty package each month! May's box wasn't that amazing, so I skipped a month (one of the amazing things you can do with Love Me Beauty) and luckily I loved all the products featured this month.
Love Me Beauty Box June 2014

Love Me Beauty Box June 2014

Love Me Beauty Box June 2014 BeautyUK Eyebrow Kit

Review: Starting off with my favourite from the bunch. Myself and eyebrows have that love-hate relationship, you can barely see them and they're just a pain to pluck and tidy up. But this product fills in all my gaps perfectly and keeps it looking natural too. I use the top left one (the lightest- surprise, surprise!) with the brush, then add a tiny bit of the dark brown along the bottom of my eyebrows (kinda outlining them) to add definition.

Verdict: Looovvee it! Definitely going to repurchase again!

Love Me Beauty Box June 2014 NYX Nail Polish Silver Holographic

Review: Now, who doesn't like a little sparkle on their nails?! I really enjoyed using this nail polish both as a feature nail or over the top of a colour (my favourite combo is silver with coral!) It can be a little watery, proving it to be difficult when trying to achieve a feature nail, but it's a good-en nonetheless.

Verdict: It's okay-ish, probably wouldn't buy again as I've already got a massive nail polish collection, but well worth a try!

Love Me Beauty Box June 2014 Urban Veda Purifying Daily Facial Wash

Review: Anyone who knows me, will know I love using natural skin products! Anything chemical or irritating and my skin will come out in a rash or break out like nothing else. It's got quite a nice smell, but whether its mattifying and pore refining qualities work is another thing that I need to test! So far so good though! 

Verdict: It's a nice all-rounder and perfect mini size, possibly won't be purchasing again but definitely going to check out the rest of the collection!

Love Me Beauty Box June 2014 Montagne Jeunesse Mask

Now, there's a story behind this mask. I've only actually used it once, mainly because the time I did I left it wrapped up in clingfilm in my draw and when I woke the next morning, it had literally exploded everywhere! Orange scrubby bits everywhere! There was enough left for at least one more mask, but it again exploded, so I've given up! 

Review: The time I did use it, I was very impressed. It's a self-heating mask, so the sensation is a little strange but the overall results were pleasing! It felt like it was actually doing something and my skin felt squeaky-clean the next day. Definitely going to buy again, might not leave it in my draw next time...

Verdict: Exploding incident aside, it was a lovely product to use. A bit messy, but you can't really argue with a £1 mask? 100% going to repurchase. 

Love Me Beauty Box June 2014 Model Co Eyeliner

Review: After using the Model Co mascara, I was expecting good things from their eyeliner. It's a bit meh, not amazing but not rubbish at the same time. It's perfect for creating a smudgy smokey eye as it's formula is very creamy and great for blending. The only problem I had with it was its staying power. After applying it on my lower lash line, it smudged everywhere, leaving me with attractive Panda eyes. 

Verdict: It's okay, probably won't repurchase or recommend it, but I am yet to find a good all round eyeliner!

So there is Love Me Beauty Box June! Overall, everything was quite good and I'd most likely repurchase a few of them too. Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks for reading,
Rhiannon xx

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