Friday, 16 May 2014

What's On My Face

A.K.A what-I-just-shove-on-my-face-in-the-mornings!
I'm not at all the beauty blogger type, but do love trying out new products and techniques every now and then. Although my collection has grown since starting this blog (ah, the 'blogger hype' hits again!) I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to using them, only adding a few bits here and there if I'm going somewhere nice or if I'm just feeling fancy.

Starting with my 'base' I hate wearing foundations that are too heavy, so I'll mostly stick to BB creams or very light foundations. So far so good with this BB cream, it's great at covering what needs covering, whilst the SPF still protects my skin (a massive bonus points for me!) I'll use a Real Techniques brush to put this on, then my MAC concealer, which is the best, and blend that with my fingers. Finally dusting a my powder lightly across my face, as I prefer a matte skin to a dewy type.

i-glow in Ice Pop, Jemma Kidd Make Up School Highlighter in Rose Gold (Discontinued!), Rimmel London Bronzer in Light Matte

These products aren't the exact ones I use every single day, sometimes I'll skip them all together if I'm feeling lazy or swap them for another product. The blush is a beautiful light pink with a slight shimmer, but not too glittery! I adore using cream highlighters, they're so much easier to work with and it means I can target the parts I really want to highlight. This bronzer isn't my favourite one, but I'm yet to find one that is! It's a matte light shade which I use to contour, so I guess it does the job really!

Being fair and ginger means my eyebrows are totally non-existent and after a particularly horrible passport photo incident, I always fill them in! Sometimes I use powder but most days it's this pencil as it's the closet shade I can find. The mascara came with my Glamour magazine one month and I LOVE it! It's the perfect for that subtle look minus spider-like lashes and I'll definitely be repurchasing. I'll then use my eyeliner to go along my top lash line, either adding a flick if I'm feeling brave! And finally I'll add a quick sweep of my favourite lip product, this colour is like-my-lips-but-better and it smells like mint. Job done.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xx


  1. Your make up looks so pretty and natural! x

  2. I love your blog Rhiannon - just followed! ♥
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


    1. Thank you so much sweetie! I'll definitely check your blog out :) x

  3. I love Rimmel bronzer! And the i-Glow looks really interesting, will have to look that up :)

    Vicky xxx
    Lots of Love, Me.

    1. Me too! Ooh, they do some lovely stuff there :) xxx


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