Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review: Origins GinZing Moisturizer

Review Origins GinZing Moisturizer

I'm not sure whether I've mentioned this before on my blog, but as part of my internship at Latest 7 I write the monthly Wave page on health and beauty. As part of that, I review products which have been sent to me, as well as other various bits and bobs. Of course the review is totally my own opinion and there's no way I'd just be using this blog or the Wave page just to endorse a company and their product. I'm all about being honest, and as this blog is an extension of me, honesty is just part of that. I was unsure of putting this on my blog, but felt that this product was too good to not mention!

Here's the link to the review I did on Latest. But I thought I'd add a bit more on here too! I love using this product so much, after hearing so much hype about it I was super excited to try it out. A lot goes a long way with this beauty and I have noticed a difference in my skin, but whether this also be because I've been eating better and exercising is up for debate. I was a little disappointed that it didn't come with added SPF, but I like the fact that it's quite a natural product. I can see this pot lasting me for quite a long time and I'll most likely be repurchasing it again.

Have you tried out any Origins products before?

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  1. I use this and love it too! It would be perfect if it did have spf though, because it means I have to include it in something else like my foundation
    Sarah xx

    1. It is lovely - just an added spf would make it perfect! Maybe it would've been quite thick with it included?! xx

  2. I always read such fab things about this! I really want to try it now x

    Josie’s Journal


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