Monday, 12 May 2014

Review: Austen's Women

As briefly mentioned in Saturday's OOTD, I went along to my local theatre to see Austen's Women. Based on recreating 13 of Jane Austen's most famous women from her novels, Dyad productions cleverly brought the old into the new. 

The actress, Rebecca Vaughan, kept you captivated throughout the 70 minute production, of which she played all the characters with no break and only pausing to take a sip of water. The intelligent use of dimming the lighting to signal a change from character to narrator and subtle clothing changes enabled you to understand which character was next and so forth. As well as the obvious and well-crafted talent of transforming her body language, facial expressions and voice to each and every character to differentiate between them. 

And you needn't worry if your Austen novel collection isn't up to scratch, as before each character change Rebecca would give a summary of what has happened before and what the character's personality is like. Director Guy Masterson deserves a mention too, as his vision created this outstanding performance that I would urge everyone to go see!

I think that perhaps the message behind the production is the unchanging portrayal of women from 200 years ago to today, which, after seeing the play, is true in some ways. Overall I am so glad I went to see this play, it not only wanted me to read more of Austen's works but also find out more about the history behind each book, but I guess that's just the nerd in me talking....

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx


  1. That sounds fab! The actress is so brave, I couldn't imagine doing something like that, the pressure must be immense! xxx

    1. I know, I couldn't have done it either! Loved the whole performance :) xxx


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