Sunday, 25 May 2014

Instagram Update: Models Own Speckled Egg, Food and an OOTD

Another crazy week done and dusted with! I was staying over at my sisters at the beginning of the week, then back at my house, which was quiet as my parents were away for their 21st wedding anniversary! I have to admit, there were quite a few food pictures on my Instagram this week, so I had to restrain myself a bit! But here goes:

I got sent a Models Own Speckled Egg nail polish through work last week and I'm in love with it! There will be a proper review up soon, but man, are they pretty. It's a pain to get off, but I didn't use a base coat, so it might just be my own fault! And they're pretty long-lasting too, which is a bonus for me.

See what I mean about food? And this was only Tuesday.... The pancakes were a treat at my sisters, it was either them or toast, so they were the obvious choice! I think only my friend Kamila will understand the happiness I went through when the Cool Lime Refreshers came back to Starbucks. Seriously. Get. One. Now.

A little throwback to when I was a baby with my hilarious Grandad! I miss him terribly and he has pride of place on my bedroom wall! I think this is where I got my pulling-stupid-faces habit from.... Also, check out those jelly shoes - a total 90s kid!

My trying-to-be-cool-blogger-montage! The fitness freak in me dragged me out for a few runs last week, so I might do a little post on that at some point this week. I mainly go for runs because I like exploring the fields around me and it keeps me awake! haha

An OOTD from the Michael Malarkey gig last week included my new cardigan! I'm still in love with my gingham leggings, so they were a definite investment buy and I just threw on my Converse as we did A LOT of walking throughout London! My Minty Fresh post was also a favourite of mine this week!

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Love the speckled egg nail varnish and super cute picture of you with your grandad :)

    Faye x

  2. You were such a little cutie...look at you rocking the jellies! I love that nail polish, it looks so pretty x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Haha I know! Ahead of the trends... thank you :) x

  3. I love that nail polish! My Instagram is basically food!


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