Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bad Beauty Habits

Oooh, a picture of where I do my make-up, all over crammed with products as usual! It's safe to say I'm far from an expert in beauty, but I do dabble in trying out new products and getting sucked into the hype. After seeing a couple of 'Beauty Things I Suck At' posts or variations of them, I thought I'd throw my own into the mix with a subtle difference. Most of these are bad beauty habits that I suck at and can't stop doing them!

1.  Keeping products way past their 'best before' date. 
I don't think I'm the only culprit of this beauty crime, at least I hope I'm not alone! Partly because I'm constantly buying new products and use so little of them, I'm always (and still) using products that I bought a few years ago. Whether this be make-up or skin care there's products that should have been thrown out a while ago! Of course, if they change in colour or smell or upset my skin they go straight into the bin.

2. Using make-up wipes
Yup, I'm lazy. If there's a quick way around it, I'll be taking the shortcut! I use wipes mostly for taking my make-up off then a micellar solution to remove my eye make-up, so I guess it's not too bad! Then I'll double cleanse, so if anything I'm cleaning my face too much! My favourites are Simple and the Boots own Cucumber scent, they're both so fresh and are great for sensitive skin too.

3. Buying into the hype/offers  
I'm pretty sure that there's not one beauty blogger, or any blogger in that case, who haven't bought a product that was recommended by another blogger. A majority of the products I've bought have met my expectations, so I'm not too fussed about buying into the hype. On the other hand, I'm a definite sucker for a Boots and Superdrug 3-for-2 offer or any sort of discount which means I'm 'saving' money. Although I do get some lovely products and it boosts my Boots points, every silver lining and all!

4. Ignoring what my skin actually needs
Since starting my blog and discovering various beauty blogs, I've become better equipped to meet my skins needs. Whether that be finding new brands that are tailored to my combination/dry skin or reading top tips that have made a significant difference to my skin. One moment that stands out as my biggest beauty error was when I thought 'Cleansing Lotion' was the same as moisturiser and wouldn't wash it off like you're suppose to! Then wondered why my skin was in such bad condition! 

5. Neglecting my feet in winter
My hooves, a.k.a feet, never see the light of day during those cold months. They get the occasional home treatment, but besides that they get a little bit left behind! Needless to say the summer months are my biggest pain, having to put nail polish on them and sort them out to be socially acceptable for public viewing! 

So that's all my really bad beauty habits (looking back they make me seem really terrible), what's your worst beauty habit?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx


  1. Spraying too much perfume on so I can't breathe for a couple of minutes without tasting 'Passionfruit With Light Vanilla Tones'! But atleast I smell good right?

    1. Oooh yeah I do that too! Exactly, always better to smell good! xx

  2. Lol I was just sitting here thinking god I need a pedicure haha! My worst habit is probably leaving it way too long between washes for my make up brushes xxx

    1. Haha great minds and all... That's not so bad, could be worse! xxx

  3. I'm guilty of all of these... Mine is accidentally getting carried away when I'm plucking my eyebrows

    Faye //


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