Monday, 7 April 2014

The Wrong Dress

Jacket: Zara
Dress, Bag and Shoes: New Look
Cardigan: H&M

I was so looking forward to wearing this dress from my haul, but looking back on it now I'm disappointed with how I wore it! I'd probably should have worn it with my coatagain, rather than a coat that doesn't match and a boring black accessories! I ended up with a size ten as it when into the sale (didn't realise I bought it at sale price anyway!) all the size eights had gone, but I think it would have been too tight anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to do it justice in the future from now on!

My start to half term began with a day at BN1 magazine, who I did work experience with back in February. They're such a lovely bunch of people and I've got a friend from college with me too, which is nice to have some company! Brighton has been pretty miserable today, raining almost all day but I did mange to get in some present shopping after work, managed to restrain myself from buying a Raspberry and White Chocolate Millie's cookie but they're so expensive now! Plus I swear they're much smaller than what they used to be, but their giant cookies always look so tempting....

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx


  1. Well I think you styled the dress so lovely! YES Millie's Cookies are 100% smaller, such a swizz xxx

    1. Thanks lovely :) Yup!! Annoyingly, they still taste so good.... xxx


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