Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Shard, Lewes and Easter Chocolate!

The weekly Instagram update is looking pretty good this week, but now I'm back to college in Brighton this week I can't promise that it'll be as interesting as this week was! I'm over on Twitter and Instagram for more of my daily musings (always wanted to throw that word in a blog post!)

My week started off with a yummy breakfast at The Shard with a beautiful view. There's more on this post here, but I'd really recommend doing this if you get the chance! It costs about £25 to go to the top or about the same if you go halfway (and still get an amazing view) and get breakfast!

I did a little OOTD this week with a few old bits I found when spring cleaning my wardrobe. Like shopping again but without having to spend anything! On the bright side, my feet have slowly recovered from my loafer experience!

So I didn't actually post this on Instagram, I did a photo collage instead of doing numerous photos of Lewes! It was such a beautiful day and all the blossom and spring flowers were out, which got me all happy! I did a more thorough post of Lewes if you want to have a gander! 

Oooh look at all the antique nick-nacks (another word I've always wanted to use...) If only I had the house to decorate....

At the moment I have managed to restrain myself from only eating one egg and soldier and a few mini Lindt bunnies, which is an achievement! Easter is always an indulgence for me and involves lots of family visits and dinners together, lovely memories. 

Happy Easter and thanks for reading!
What's been your highlight of the week?

Rhiannon xx


  1. I'm too scared to go up the Shard! It's too high :/ xx

  2. I hope you had a good Easter, I didn't eat that much chocolate, I was good this year! I love antiques and looking in the antique shops, I'd love a big Victorian house full of antique furniture!

    x Hayley-Eszti |

    1. That is good, I've eaten too much! Me too, I can look at them all day :) x

  3. Those Easter treats look delicious!



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