Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Lovely Lewes Town

As I mentioned in the OOTD last post, I thought I'd share some pictures of one of my favourite towns, Lewes. It's in East Sussex, not too far away from Brighton or Eastbourne and about a 45 minute car journey for us. 

We visit almost on a monthly basis, mainly because we have family in that area and it's just the perfect traditional English town. My mum and sister grew up there, my grandad and grandma use to live there and most of my uncle and aunties live in or outside the area, so it holds a lot of special memories for out family! 

There are a million places to eat in Lewes. From all the chain restaurants like Pizza Express to the local cafes. We always stop at Robsons of Lewes for a cake and coffee, mainly because it's supporting local businesses but also because they do the best cake selection! I chose the Easter Cake, plain sponge with butter icing... yum.

 Then we'll go on to the Riverside cafe which do a wide range of sandwiches and pannis that are THE best. I always have the Bacon, Mozzarella and Tomato Chutney panni because I'm yet to find a sandwich that beats it! The second photo shows the entrance to the cafe, where they've also got a florist, butchers, fishmonger and sweet shop, all locally sourced. And just down the road is Bills cafe, the original one! Mum always shows off that they used to be in the same class at school together and how small he had started out as.

Lewes is probably best known for its Harveys Brewery (and also its Bonfire Nights!) My mum would always tell me stories about what the town looked like when she was a child, which makes me wish we still lived there! When the Brewery is working (like it was that day) the air absolutely stinks. What of I don't know, but it smells horrible! 

Along the cobbled high street is various antique flea markets, which we love having a nosey around. I literally can't count the number of flea markets on both hands there's so many! There's always some great bargains in there, like my silk bird paintings, and we've collected many a things in this particular one.

Usually on our way home we'll stop by the cemetery to leave flowers for my grandad, grandma and other family members. On clear days like this, all the blossom and flowers come out and the views are amazing. You can see part of the South Downs and the whole of Lewes from some areas!

There's still so much more I can blab on about at Lewes but I don't want to bore you! It's a really spectacular place which holds a lot of childhood memories for me and I'll continue to visit for a long time coming, I'm sure of that.
Have you guys been to Lewes before? What's one of your favourite things about it?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xxx 


  1. I went to school in Lewes!! It's a nice little town!

    Adele-Marie xx

    One Girls Obsession With Makeup

    1. I love Lewes (as you can see!) Such a pretty town! xx

  2. Flea markets are always a great excuse to have a nosey around somewhere!


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