Sunday, 13 April 2014

Coffee, Camden and Burger

These weekly Instagram posts are probably the longest running series I've done in a while! I'm over on Twitter and Instagram (which I'm becoming highly addicted too), if you wanna follow. Can't promise there will be any witty banter but I'll try my best!

There's always that difficult moment when you're in a coffee shop and they have no clue how to spell your name. I either get Rhianna, which I'm totally use to, Robyn or once I actually got a Raymond. Don't know how they got there! So nowadays I'll just give them another name. This week it was Rosie! Not just me who does this is it?!

God not another 'view' picture.... I basically ate my body weight in all things I'm not suppose to at Camden Market the other day. In the end, my food baby got to about 6 months... See yesterday's post for more pictures :)

Another lovely picture of London in Trafalgar Square (Plus you can see the Houses Of Parliament from here!)

I finally cracked the gingham leggings this week! They've been such a pain to style but I think it's less is more with this pair.

Uhhh, Five Guys burger! Seriously yummy burger that means I'll never look at another McDonalds burger again! If you haven't been I really recommend it, there's one in Covent Garden and a few more opening up across the country!

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx


  1. Ah mannn that burger! Looks SO tasty. I always say 'Jo' now at Starbucks xxx

    1. Ahaha, it was!! It's just easier all round to tell them a different name! xxx

  2. I'm dying to try out Five Guys! x

    1. I'd totally recommend it! Go for the Cheese burger! x


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