Saturday, 12 April 2014

A little trip down Camden.

London always amazes me without how much variety is packed into the city. Camden is another favourite spot, mainly for food but the general market is amazing too, so it's never a surprise when its crammed full of tourists!

I went down with my friend Kamila as she just got back from uni and I'm still on half term. She recommended Five Guys in Covent Garden as our first foodie stop just before lunchtime, which was an awesome choice. These burgers and chips are THE best I've ever tasted (I posted a pic on my Instagram of mine)! You can choose what type (plain, cheese, bacon etc) then add whatever sauce and fillings you want for free. Plus, there's so many drinks to choose from, I went with Fanta Raspberry, which was delicious. All I'll say is that I'll never eat another burger as good as that again! Safe to say McDonalds is out of the running now... 

The whole restaurant kinda looks like a diner, plus they've got all these different reviews and quotes dotted about which I really liked.

After wandering round Camden and eating my body weight in cheescakes, pancakes and pizza, we ended up back in Leicester Square and Covent garden. We polished off a Ben's Cookie each, another amazing foodie place, and took to Trafalger Sqaure like proper tourists with our cameras!

Overall, it was a great day and the weather made it so much better! On the way back home, I felt so lucky to live so close to London and get the chance to go up there so often, really made me appreciate the little things in life.

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx


  1. I feel like the only blogger who hasn't tried Five Guys! You've made it sound even more tempting - I need to head down there asap! Cute post :) X

    1. Ahh, they're amazing! You must try them :) xx

  2. I love Camden! Can't wait for Five Guys to open at Bluewater xxx

    1. Me too :) Whatt?! I'll be there all the time then... haha xxx


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