Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sour, Mouse and Law

Another week gone, another batch of Instagram posts to share! Find me on Instagram and Twitter here too!

Skittles are probably in my top ten favourite sweets, probably tying in top place with Haribo Tangfastics! When I was in sixth form, every Tuesday lunchtime me and my friend used to catch the bus home together but not before grabbing a pack of the original and sour Skittles and we always used to fight over the pink and red skittles! 

This term I started Law, not the usual kind of law course but it's media law, so stating what you can and can't report on and when and all the loop holes around it! I started highlighting the booklet, which turned out to highlighting the whole booklet... lets hope that will help when it comes to the exam!

One of my favourite things of having a massive back garden with loads of wildlife and fields around is waking up to this view. I think this was Saturday, which was so bloomin' sunny I had to get my dusty sunglasses out! 


My very lovely cat caught a mouse last Friday and decided to bring it in my room. It started off behind my book case then ran under my bed so I practically had everything off the floor just to catch it! I probably looked a bit crazy to the mouse, torch and lunch box in hand, squirming every time it ran past me! I eventually caught it and stuck my Friends box set on top to stop it getting out until my mum got home from work (thankfully she was only 10 minutes away!) and took him back to the woods. 

We're very lucky to have such a big back garden and can keep chickens (spot the chicken in the photo...). It's so good in the summer, sitting outside with my book or laptop just wasting time really with a Pimms in one hand and Cornetto in the other!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a lovely week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. These photos are so pretty! Skittles are some of my favourites too!
    Jess from xx

  2. Oh god, poor you! I'm terrified of mice (big wimp, I know!) I'd have been crying. Your garden looks dreamy, I love that you have chickens! xxx

    1. I hate them, but I'll catch them if I have to! Haha they're a pain though! xxx


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