Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Bombay Bicycle Club

This time last week a friend and I went along to the Brighton Dome to see Bombay Bicycle Club play live. I've always been a massive fan, after my brother introduced me to them years ago, so since then I've been hooked on them! 

Their new album, So Long See You Tomorrow, has been playing non stop in my car and on my iPod ever since. It's a definite change of direction, although not breaking away from their signature indie style, it's another branch they've been trying out. Influenced from Bollywood samples and featuring blends of percussion, especially in Feel, which is a classic standout song from this album and the well-known Luna. But my favourite is probably Carry Me because it's totally different from what I usually listen to (Hello, One Direction and Bastille) and I just love how they've incorporate the percussion into it.

On to the gig.... we had pretty amazing seats where we could see everything, including the massive mosh pit in the standing area. Afterwards we were so glad we weren't down there! They had Rae Morris and Flyte supporting them but we only caught a little bit of them because we had a drink and were running late as per! Their set was amazing, seamlessly blending all three albums together, although I was quite disappointed when Shuffle was played with a lack of enthusiasm from them and and crowd. But they did the usual leave for five minutes saying they had 'Finished' then coming back out to play a few more tracks before the curfew! Overall, I'd 100% go and see them again, possibly at Reading Festival again this year.

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