Sunday, 16 March 2014

NOTD, Afternoon Tea and Fog

My blog has been a little quite over the past week and apologies for that! From shorthand exams to interviewing THE Sophie Ellis-Bextor and battling with my hay fever/cold and general work, I've literally not had the energy or time to blog. But, weirdly, I've missed it! So here's a start to a new week of blogging :)

I sported some lovely purple/blue nails this week, even though I got a few comments saying it looks like my nails are about to fall off! I never seem to get a good (and attractive? If that's possible!) picture of my nails, but Instagram makes everything look amazing!

It's strange how colourful flowers can actually perk up your day. My auntie and uncle brought these over last weekend and they're still going strong! 

If you live down south, you'll have most likely seen the crazy fog that descended on us last week. It was crazy thick and I had to get a picture when I was driving out, kind of reminds me of that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean when all the pirates/zombie things emerge from the sea (anyone know what I'm on about?!)

Today it was my sisters 27th Birthday (Happy Birthday Beak!!) and we thought we'd make a day of it with brunch at Bill's cafe. There's a few Bill's cafe's down the south east, Brighton, Horsham and Lewes that I know of and a few across the rest of the south, but for those who don't know, it's a cute, shabby chic cafe that does the best breakfast, lunch and dinner at really good prices. I opted for the banana, blueberry, strawberry and maple syrup pancakes! I'd really recommend Bill's to anyone!  

After brunch and shopping in Horsham, my mum, sister and I went to South Lodge for a girly afternoon tea session. We stayed there last December and it was just gorgeous. We took a walk around the grounds and then sat down for a delicious and filling lunch! I couldn't manage all the finger sandwiches, scones, mini puddings, a slice of cake and pot of tea, even though I am a massive afternoon tea lover!

This week is another super busy week, but I hope I'll have a few minutes spare to post here and there!

What's been your highlight of the past week?
Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

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