Friday, 7 March 2014

Monochrome and Spring!

Coat and Bag: Zara
Jumper, Skirt and Scarf: New Look
Top: Topshop
Shoes: Converse

Whenever I look back at outfits now I think 'Oh God, why did I wear that?!' Mostly because they're always rushed and on impulse in the mornings and I don't really think about it! The ideal around this outfit was to keep it simple monochrome, plain top with ribbon detailing and polka dot skirt with a dark green jumper, but looking back it's probably too simple now! Should have added a few accessories. And all of this is before I even put any make-up on and sort out my birds nest of hair! Do you plan your outfits the night before or just throw on whatever like me?

Today has been a pretty good day so far, the sun is shining (after what feels like an eternity of rain and clouds) and I've managed to get all the boring work out of the way first thing. Then had to pick my brother up from the airport, which was a little confusing and I took a detour through a car park which he saw and started laughing at me. Lovely brother. Now I'm planning to write a few bits and get outside my with camera and actually use it to take photos other than OOTD. Only when the sun comes out is when I feel its okay to spend longer than 20 minutes outside that doesn't include waiting for a train or walking to college! What do you always do at the first sign of spring? 

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx


  1. I also throw on whatever which seems to work most days! I always seem to take quote a while to actually choose what to wear though! xx

    1. Works for me too! I'm pretty indecisive as well! xx


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