Monday, 3 March 2014

London Fashion Week Trends: Colour Blocking

During my work experience week I managed to get a piece published on the London Fashion Week and the trends that came from it. So as a little blog follow up I thought I'd put together two outfits from that trend. Enjoy!

Dress: Forever 21

This trend is probably the easiest to wear but hardest to get right, in my opinion. I had no clue what shoes to wear with them (I would say Converse but that's always my answer!) so just left it as it is. I'd probably keep my jewellery very minimal with this too, not wanting to take the distraction away from the dress and just wear a plain beige mac with this. I did almost wear this for my sixth form prom, along with a pair of white strappy sandals, but fell in love with this Pretty Eccentric dress. This trend is definitely about simplicity with big impact.

Cardigan: H&M
Top and Shoes: New Look
Jeans: M&S

I've set my wardrobe out in mostly colour order, so its a bit like Josephs Technicolour Dream Coat in there! I love this look, its so simple but I'd still add a bit of jewellery in there somewhere! The two colours just seem to go surprisingly well together. With colour blocking you can definitely wear the same colour, just with different variants so you don't look like a traffic light or anything!

What's your favourite colour blocking piece?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xxx


  1. Hey beauty wowww you have a really nice blog :) would you like if we follow each other on blog? let me know what do you think ? Regards from Bosnia ♥

    1. Thank you :) I'll definitely check out your blog! xx


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