Monday, 3 March 2014


Last night Foxes (if you haven't heard of here listen here) was playing at The Haunt in Brighton, so it was a bit of a last minute plan for a Sunday night! Because of that I just threw on whatever clothes I could find and basically headbutted straight into my make-up so we could get down there on time!

A shameless selfie....

I just wore my black skinny jeans, white converse, a grey hoodie and a pink leopard print top, which was just about right warmth wise, although Brighton weather didn't hold back with wind and rain getting us soaked!

Here's my dodgy iPhone pictures! It was quite a small and intimate gig, with probably about 80 people there, so we managed to get pretty close. Foxes is probably described as electro-pop which I'd agree with and some of her songs are recognisable as they've been played on all the national radios. That night she actually got to number 7 in the charts! She mixed up her set with her well known songs and lesser known songs, plus she did a little acoustic, singing Eminem's Monster and Drake's Hold On We're Going Home, which was something unexpected from her!

Read BN1 Magazine's interview with her here, well worth the read!

Rhiannon xx

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