Friday, 28 March 2014

Every Girl Likes A Good Dress Or Two... Or Three?

Last Thursday I met my sister in town for a spot of quick late night shopping and thought I'd share it with you all, as I haven't done a post like this in ages!

T-shirt: Primark, £3

First stop was Primark and excuse the socks, I was at home all day so I've got to do it in style!
It's actually a 'boyfriend' t-shirt, which just means its really big and I actually got this in a 6, whereas I'd usually wear a 10/8, as I knew it would be massive either way! I thought I could just throw it over a pair of jeans or my gingham leggings, or equally tuck it into skater skirts to add a casual touch.

Peter Pan Collar Dress: Primark, £13

I fell in love with the style and colour of this dress straight away and had it picked out for any upcoming interviews or work day outfits for the future. It's got a slight textured pattern to it, which just adds a bit more to it and it quite flexible and stretchy, making it so much more comfortable! I thought I could add a brown belt to it, tights and cute slipper pumps for days when I'm feeling a bit smart!

Gingham Print Shift: Primark, £10

Now, I know I ranted about how I couldn't wear those annoying gingham print leggings and how I was going to give up trying. Well, guess what? I'm not finished with gingham just yet! Maybe it's more wearable in a dress form?! I'd add a green or red cardigan with my usual black converse for a dressed down day. Also, it's pretty thick and warm for a dress from Primark. Top marks.

Tile Print Shirt: New Look, £15

By this point, it was getting late and the shops were shutting so we had a quick whizz around New Look, without trying anything on. And then I spotted this gorgeous dress. I'm a massive fan of the whole co-ords trend, and although this isn't exactly following it, it's close enough! As you might have guessed, I adore this pattern! I got it in a size 10, which is actually a bit too big for me, so I'm going back to exchange it for an 8, but it does have a lovely fit that I know I'm going to love! Plus it's long enough to cover everything, whilst looking professional. 

Aveeno Skin Relief: Boots, £4.77

I forgot to photograph this with everything else, sorry! I've been suffering with patches of eczema on my arms recently, probably down to stress and not eating and drinking properly. So I've swapped my skin care bits around and opted for this product. So far I've seen an amazing difference, it's helped me so much with my skin and my eczema has basically disappeared! I would say that it's not the nicest smelling lotion (oats anyone?!) but it does the job and I'd rather smell like porridge than have dry arms!

Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo 24hr in Pink Gold: Boots, £4.99

And the infamous Colour Tattoo has finally made it to my blog! I've been resisting partly because of the colour selection, nothing really shouted out at me, but I have been getting into my dusky pinks and purple plums recently. I have doubts of whether it'll actually stay on for 24 hours but we'll see, either way it's got great colour pay off and blends really well!

Have you  bought anything recently?

Rhiannon xx


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