Saturday, 1 February 2014


Evening ladies (and gents!) A bit of a late post from me tonight! I just got back from seeing Wicked at Apollo Victoria and just thought I'd share my day with you!

We booked tickets for the matinee so didn't have to leave home until midday-ish. So I spent my morning reading my new Clique and Stylist magazines, they're both free but have great content that's on the same level as the paid consumer magazines.

After that we all got ready and headed up to the theatre. I'm a massive theatre freak, my favourites have to be Wicked and Phantom of the Opera which I've seen way too many times! I think it's the atmosphere and general excitement when you're there and when the music begins and the lights dim.

A sneaky shot of the cover screen during the interval! They're really strict with people taking pictures. If you haven't already seen Wicked I'd definitely recommend it! It covers the period before the Wizard of OZ up to when the witch dies, but it gives a slightly different angle to what happens in the film. You think that the witch is evil but she's not that bad really. The costumes and sets are also amazing, everything down to the last detail is chosen so well and made to a really high quality. Moral of the story: GO SEE IT!

Quick selfie in the toilets! I wasn't wearing anything that interesting, just a dress and cardigan, because we always dress up a little when we go to see a show, although London was bloomin' freezing! I also had to add in my pud. It was either Sticky Toffee pudding or these Frozen Yogurt scoops. In the end I went for the Frozen Yogurt, plain, mango and strawberry, so yummy! Kinda like a cross between sorbet and ice cream.

Now I'm just watching Friends in pjs in bed - just the way Saturdays should be!

Hope you all had a good day!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Glad you had a fab time! I'm not a huge musical fan but I always hear such good things about Wicked. I did love Phantom of the Opera though! xxx

    1. Thank you! It's not your typical musical, probably on par with Phantom and Les Mis! xxx


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