Sunday, 2 February 2014

Review: Clique Magazine

As an aspiring journalist it's not all surprising that I love a good magazine. I came across Clique Magazine through another blogger (who, for the life of me, I cannot remember!) and subscribed to it. So I though I'd give my honest review on it!

It's a free monthly fashion magazine which gets delivered to your address every month. Their website is such a great tool too- always so up to date with all the latest fashion goings on!

These are a few images from the second issue:

A feature on the upcoming fashion weeks

An interview with the gorgeous model Robyn Lawley

General fashion and beauty features with up to date styles

And photoshoots showcasing all the latest styles

I normally buy various fashion magazines on a weekly basis (plus any celebrity rubbish, it's a guilty pleasure!) but I've found that free magazines like Clique and Stylist include the same content as the paid magazines. 

Clique works as the first totally shoppable magazine through their app. You download the app, then scan in any codes featured inside. This could be for a product (taking you straight to the online store), videos of  celebrities at events to extra content not shown in the mag. 

I'd say that Clique magazine is fast becoming one of my favourites (if you make it to the bedside table, you know you've done well!). The content is right up my street, getting you ahead of the trends and finding out exclusive information about events and people in interviews. The best part has to be the beauty section, with tutorials on the different looks and step-by-step guides.

For a free magazine, the standard of content is on the same level as the paid versions, and it gets delivered to your house. Although I would say that some of the products aren't always in the average persons budget range but it does give some great ideas of what designers are doing, so you can find some great dupes on the high street! Another thing was that the app was a little tricky to work at first, but since then they have improved on this massively and it's more user friendly.

Have you subscribed to Clique magazine? What's your opinion on it?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

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