Thursday, 27 February 2014

Public Transport: Love or Hate?

Cardigan: Primark
Shirt and Boots: Topshop
Jeans: M&S

After admitting my undying love for shirts yesterday (it wasn't exactly forced anyway....) and the weather giving me a lack of inspiration, I threw on my trusty pinstripe shirt from Topshop, in hope that I'd still look professional and feel comfortable at the same time! The offices where my internship is at are bloomin' freezing. The windows might as well not be there, there's so many holes anyway! It might just be me stereotyping people, but wearing this pinstripe shirt and cable knit cardigan, it kind of reminds me of a posh college boy, who 'throws' the jumper around his neck in a casual way and plays polo with daddy whilst driving his Bentley, slightly crazy right?!

Thursdays normally signal the end of the week for me. No more travelling into Brighton until next Monday. Although this mornings journey in wasn't so bad, despite being delayed for 10 minutes then deciding to stop at every single station. We were all packed in like sardines and this woman next to me started talking to me, which is weird because its like some sort of rule that no one talks on the rush hour trains, at least the Brighton Mainline doesn't talk. I know I get thrown dirty looks from people if I'm talking on the train. Turns out she's from Yorkshire, has a baby son (showed me a picture and he was darn cute!) and works in design in London but there's offices down in Brighton too. We were just chatting about my course and how she got into design work, which was quite interesting, as well as being helpful in my case. I think that may be people, especially on public transport should make the effort to chat to each other sometimes, it actually sets your day off in the right way sometimes!

What's your opinion on public transport? Do you think people should talk to each other more often?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Haha get what you mean...this look is very preppy! But preppy is good. Oh my god I always get the weirdos on public transport, this lady sounds nice though. Only a Northerner would talk to a stranger on a train though haha no Londoner would! xxx

    1. That's the word I was looking for! haha I think so, we spoke about tea as she's from Yorkshire! xxx


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