Sunday, 9 February 2014

John Green, OOTD and Bombay

Here's this week's Instagram pictures!

I started reading another John Green book but this time it's Looking For Alaska. After hearing a lot of positive reviews and having read The Fault In Our Stars (which I'm so excited to see the film for!!) my hopes were set pretty high! And of course, it didn't fail to deliver. It's another change your outlook on life kind of book. I won't say much more on it or ruin the ending but it's definitely well worth the read, plus it's only £5ish on Amazon! I also love all the quotes of people's last words, the above image is Thomas Edison's last words, definitely a favourite.

Oooh, an OOTD. Quite similar to last week, showing off my new top, although my nails were hot pink this week but the image doesn't show it up so well! I brought out my trusty brown boots from H&M after the cold wind and rain hit Brighton. They're really handy as they're a brown leather bottom, therefore keep my feet dry but the rest of the boot is a soft suede so they're comfortable too!

My friend from college lent me this CD after I bugged him for ages! But I was going to download it anyway. I'm off to see Bombay in March in Brighton and I cannot wait for it! After listening to their album I am totally in love, classic Bombay Bicycle Club with bollywood musical undertones and catchy lyrics. If you haven't heard it yet, check out Luna my favourite track.

After getting my filling, my considerate dentist left me with a lopsided face which lasted for at least 5 hours after the initial injection. Leaving me with no option but to drink through a straw and eat on one side for the rest of the day, whilst trying not to dribble! This definitely reminds me of being a kid, I think I used to have a swirly straw that I always used. 

I know that we all have weird sleeping positions, but my cat tops them all. She's always covered her face which I think is cute, but her legs sticking out?! That's just strange. But whatever floats your boat.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I definitely need to read some John Green! Haha Freddy always sleeps in the weirdest positions too, usually on his back with all his legs in the air xxx

    1. Do it! They're so good! haha I guess whatever is comfortable for them.... xxx


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