Friday, 7 February 2014

A Rubbish Week

Coat and Bag: Zara
Top: Mango
Boots: H&M
Necklace: Topshop? (I think...)

I definitely haven't got bored of this top yet! There's a ton more of other ways you can style a Breton top, tucked into shorts or skirts, over jeans or as it is, like above. It's quite a fine knitted material so it's pretty cosy and I love the three quarter length sleeves, as I always find myself rolling up the cuffs of my tops or jumpers either because they're annoying or they get in the way when I'm writing my shorthand. I did have a hand shot of my bracelet and nails but it didn't come out properly, but I'm wearing a super bright hot pink nail polish which just looks awesome against this pattern. Plus I've seen a lot of chunky necklaces come back into fashion, which is marvellous because I've got a ton of them still!

This week hasn't been my favourite which is the least to say. On Tuesday I found out that my car tax, MOT and service was going to come up to about £270, which was more than I expected, especially with being a budgeting student! And then it was trying to work out what time I could do and how I can get back down to Brighton etc. 

Then after college on Wednesday I either lost my purse or it was stolen at the pub. At first I thought I lost it so had a rummage around the pub and the street I walked down, but didn't find it. Course I had to cancel all my cards, send out for replacements and reapply for my driving licence and call the police and pub and give them my details in case it gets handed in. But the last time I remember having it was when I put it on top of my bag at the end of the table, so someone might have taken it on their way through. I've never had anything stolen from me, especially something like my purse, so to say that I'm gutted and angry is an understatement, but I've definitely learnt something there! 

And finally, I got my filling this morning and am currently typing with a lopsided face, unable to eat or drink without a straw. Just fab! But onwards and upwards from now on!

How's your week been? Have you ever had anything stolen? 

Thank for reading!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Oh no! Sorry about everything bad, that's such a bummer especially the purse. It's the most sickening feeling knowing someone has stolen your stuff, what makes them think it's theirs to take? I just can't imagine stealing someone's belongings. I hope this weekend is better for you xxx

    1. Thank you! I know, I was so angry that they felt like they could just take it! And just found out that they spent all my Boots points :( xxx


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