Sunday, 26 January 2014


Jumper: Primark
Skirt and Shoes: New Look

Teaming skirts with jumpers seems to be a slight trend I'm doing at the moment.... After I only just rediscovered my skirt collection, be prepared for more next week! I love this look, it's kind of preppy with a school girl twist whilst still being casual. I wore this to my internship with Primark Super Cosy tights as it's bloomin' freezing in that office! Those tights have been a saviour on cold days, if you haven't got a pair, I'd seriously invest in a pair, almost a cross between leggings and tights. I think I'll be sad when tartan goes out of style, although I does reoccur in different forms ever Autumn/Winter, I do love getting more wear out of clothes. 

Yesterday I went shopping in Brighton, but I did manage to restrain myself! Only buying a MAC eyebrow pencil, a Zara shirt that was in the sale and a hot cloth cleanser form Superdrug (I was so curious what they hype was all about!). Today has just been another morning at work and getting ready for next week, another exam to do, shorthand this time, so fingers crossed everyone!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a good week! 

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I love those tights, they're the best! They have a legging version too, I squeeze them on under jeans and it's just so cosy. Good luck with your test! xxx

    1. I heard about those leggings... may have to invest in them! Thank you :) xxx


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