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The lovely Jess from The Daily Ramblings of a Dork recently nominated my blog for the Liebster Award! I've done this a couple of times, but it's always great to give you guys an updated version, because we all like a good nose! 

The Rules
You need to link back to the nominator
State 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions given to you
Nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers
Give those nominated 11 new questions

11 Facts:
1) I'm a bit of a reading nerd. I've got a bookcase full of all my favourite books and a massive stack of books waiting to be read!
2) I'm a natural redhead and the only one in the family.
3) I got my first tattoo last year.
4) Once I listen to a song that I love, it'll be on non-stop repeat for at least a week.
5) Everything in my room is extremely organised, everything is in its correct category, in colour order etc.
6) I have a cat onesie that I wear way too often! Thankfully I only wear it indoors!
7)I used to play netball for my town and it's still my favourite sport but I don't have the time to play anymore :(
8) The cinema is basically my second home. Although I won't watch scary films, I'll pretty much watch anything else.
9) Black skinny jeans are my staple item in my wardrobe. At the moment I have four pairs, all at different stages in fading and all are slightly different in style too!
10) I have a poncho. My mum knitted it for me when I was really young. It's pink and purple and made from that really soft wool.
11) I never like sitting around at home doing nothing all day. Almost everyday I'm either out, at college or at work, busy bee!

11 Questions:
1) Which is your favourite season?
I guess I would say Spring or Summer. Just because I'm not always freezing and I don't have to wear tights all the time! But I do love wearing all my jumpers and boots in the winter, just not the cold part!
2) What do you want to accomplish this year?
Ooh that's a good one. Pass my journalism course at NCTJ Gold Standard (A-C in all my subjects and 100wpm in shorthand) which is a bit of a tough one but I'm really going to push myself hard this year.
3) What topic do you like to blog about the most?
If anyone who has been reading my blog for a while, they'll know that I don't exactly have a strict blogging regime! I mostly do OOTD and give a general ramble about my day in my daily posts, so that's probably my favourite topic to blog about.
4) Favourite social media?
Either Blogger (what a surprise!) or Twitter. Blogger because it allows me to be creative and just ramble on about whatever I want. And Twitter because I can be nosey and it's a great source for blogs and news stories.
5) Would you rather visit a museum/art gallery or go to a gig/concert?
Gig/concert 100%! Not that I don't like going to museums or anything, it's just gig experiences are so unique every time and it gives you a massive adrenaline rush when the crowd really gets going and the band are on the stage.
6) What book are you enjoying lately?
I haven't got a particular book but I've started reading all of John Green's books and they're amazing. 
7) What do you love about blogging?
Being able to share my thoughts and ideas with people who are similar to me. And offloading everything on to here!
8) What are your top three TV shows?
Big Bang Theory, Friends and any investigative programmes like Panorama and Dispatches, they're so interesting!
9) What is your favourite album?
Gaahh, this is like asking what are my favourite shoes! Anything from The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Eminem and..... One Direction. Okay, yes I know. Their last album was actually PRETTY GOOD. There, I said it.
10) Which post are you most proud of?
I did a little post about Confidence a while back which I'm proud of but nothing else stands out at the moment!
11) One thing you couldn't live without?
Books. If you haven't gathered, I like books a lot! The best ones are where the stories drawn you in so much that you kinda phase out for a while. Also, does the Internet count? Imagine a life without the Internet.....

My Nominees:

My Questions:
1) What's your one staple item of clothing?
2) What's your best tip for blogging?
3) Favourite memory?
4) What's you typical day like?
5) Any bad habits?
6) Favourite perfume or scent?
7) Which do you prefer online shopping or physically shopping (best way to describe it!)?
8) Beauty or fashion item that you can't live without?
9) What are you most looking forward to this year?
10) Favourite food?
11) Best thing about blogging?

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

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