Wednesday, 22 January 2014


*Peaking out from behind all the revision notes* Hello! 

Nope, I haven't dropped off the edge of the world or caught some nasty virus which has led me bed ridden. The boring reason is because of exams. Through out all my years at primary and secondary school, then sixth form and too many exams to count, I've never been more stressed or nervous for an exam. 

Since I last did a blog post, all those weeks ago, I've finished two exams and actually managed to survive them! I'll be getting the results in the next few weeks so fingers crossed! It's been a massive relief to get it all done and now it's back to business. Expect OOTDs, reviews and all the other ideas I've got running around in my head, God I've missed this blog!

Thanks for sticking around everyone!

Rhiannon xxx

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