Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas Sale Haul

Hey everyone! I did plan on doing a post yesterday but I kinda got down on the dumps. I don't really like New Years Eve or New Years Day, I think it's because it involves a lot of reflecting on the year which makes me disappointed. 

Moving on.... I've put together a little sale haul from a couple of shopping trips I've done over the past few weeks, so enjoy!

Real Techniques Brushes: I saw a Boots Buy One Get One Half price deal and after I lusted over the Expert Face Brush for ages I took the plunge and bought it. Oh My. I never knew how much difference a brush can do to your make up. 10/10 for this bad boy, sets my foundation beautifully and blends like a perfection. I also needed a new eyeshadow brush, so the Shading Brush was added to my collection. I've only used it a couple of times and does the job, although I haven't tried any dark smokey eyes yet which will test it properly.

Topshop Lipstick Pillow Talk: My first Topshop lipstick! I've heard a ton of positive reviews about this shade already. It's quite light, which means I can wear it easily in the day then build it up for a brighter colour in the evening. Quite moisturising, which is handy in this colour weather and just a great all rounder!

Accessorize Gloves: These gloves are lifesavers when you want to keep your hands warm whilst using your phone etc. My last pair had holes in and were quite thin anyway, so once I saw these were half price AND had thick fleecy lining, I was sold. I love the fair isle and striped pattern clash, I really want to start clashing prints but I don't feel confident enough yet!

Primark Collar Top: My local Primark recently moved stores and had an update, which has been a long awaited change! When I first saw this top the smallest size they had was a 14 and looked too big on me, but luckily I found an 8 randomly hanging on the end of a rail. Must have been fate! Tried it on, Loved it, Bought it. I wore it for New Years Eve with black skinnies, pumps and my denim jacket.

Nike Running Shoes: As nearly everyone's New Years resolution includes some form of getting fit or eating healthily, I also need to get back into my running. Since starting college I've literally had no time for a run, whereas I used to got 4 times a week before. And now my old trainers have gotten a bit haggard and dirty, I picked up this beautiful pair in the sales. Extremely lightweight but still gives you the support, waterproof, breathable, blah, blah. And it comes with a pair of blue laces too. I'm going to have much more fun than I should have swapping the laces around......

TRESemme Diffuser Dryer 2200: And finally a new hairdryer, totally going wild now! My old one is getting heavy and I lost the nozzle a few years ago so my hair has been a bit wild since then (I'm blaming my crazy mane on that!) For only £20-ish, it's pretty good, I'm going to try the diffuser thing tonight, although it looks a bit scary!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you all for reading :)

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Happy New Year Rhiannon! I know that feeling, I'm not a massive fan of New Year's either but I think for the first time ever I wasn't actually feeling sad about's funny how one day in the year can cause so much panic in a lot of people! However you should be SO proud of all of your achievements, I'd say you've done extremely well!
    I'm completely in love with that little Primark top, it's so cute! xxx

    1. You too! I know what you mean, I think there's just too much pressure on one day! Thank you lovely :) xxx


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