Sunday, 29 December 2013

Favourite Christmas Presents

Seeing a gazillion Christmas present posts pop up across my dashboard has made me ashamed of my half-hearted attempt at yesterdays beauty present version, so here's a post on my favourite presents this year!

 Of course, no one likes a bragger, which is why some people get a bit funny about these kind of posts. But I always think that Christmas is about giving gifts to your nearest and dearest and basically expressing how much you care for them blah blah blah. Plus one of my favourite things about Christmas is spending time with everyone, getting all your family is the same room playing games and generally eating as much as you can.

Sometimes the little things are the best. My friend got me this cute card holder, as I travel a lot to college and up to London so I've always got a ton of tickets in my purse and bag. Also, I love the saying, I can just imagine that it'll give me a little boost in the mornings when I've got to get those dreaded trains again....

Also from my friend and something that I forgot to put in yesterdays post! I'm not a massive bright and look-at-me make-up gal, less is more for me, so I usually go for the natural style. The little pot is a cream eyeshadow is a rosy pink colour, which you put on before the other eye shadows is set them. I've already tried them out and love them - sometimes simple is the way to go! Another thumbs up to Benefit is the lip gloss, Dandelion, which doesn't feel like I've ducked my lips in slime and glitter.

Continuing with Benefit.... my mum spotted the Boots weekly half price product was The Best of Benefit set for £25, which I think is pretty good considering what you're getting! I've tried them all out (one of the best things to do with new make-up and beauty products!) and adore them all, especially They're Real Mascara and High Beam, which I may have to purchase the full size and dutifully ignore the price tags.

My lovely and thoughtful sister got me this handmade necklace which she picked out the charms for. So there's a R for my name, a humming bird because I like birds.... borderline obsessed with them and a ruby bead as my birthstone. I'd say this is probably my overall favourite as it's quite personal and unique.

Books!! Ironically I've haven't read a book in about a month now, just because I've been so busy and can't keep my eyes open for long enough. The John Green collection is something I've been looking forward to for ages - I reviewed Fault in Our Stars here. If you haven't read any of his books, read them now! Life changing is all I'll say. Of course, The Great Gatsby made it in, another favourite which all I can describe is as magical. The Yellow World by Albert Espinosa is a very long awaited arrival as it was only printed in the UK not long ago. In short it's about his 10 year battle with cancer and his discoveries from that time, something that is close to my heart with family members who have fought and are fighting cancer. I Heart Christmas is another long awaited book, completing my I Heart collection, also reviewed here. They're addictive, almost finished it! And finally The Universal Journalist. I started it the other day and it seems like a very insightful book into journalism and what to expect etc. Fingers crossed it'll help! God, I must seem like a book nerd now! 

As always, I am very thankful for all my presents and do not mean to brag, but it's my way of showing my gratification! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of special presents!

Thanks for reading! 

Rhiannon xxx


  1. I also received the John Green collection and couldn't be happier with it as his books are the best! I'm so happy to finally have the physical versions of his books!
    Jess from xx

    1. They're so good and unique! Book high-five! haha xx

  2. I like posts like these, I don't think it's bragging! Your necklace is so cute and thoughtful, I love the card holder too xxx

    1. I like them too, some people do get a bit funny about them! Thank you, my sister always gets the best presents! xxx


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