Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Beauty Gifts

Merry Christmas everyone!

So I am totally stuffed with turkey and too many chocolates from these past few days, it's safe to say I'll be starting the New Years exercising soon! I was a very lucky girl with presents from my family and friends this year, so instead of compiling a huge post of all my presents, I thought I'd just add in the beauty bits I got as the rest are mostly books and chocolate anyway!

Usually I get a ton of Soap and Glory stuff for Christmas and my birthday, which means I've got a ton of products that I haven't even used yet. My mum knows my favourite scrub is Pulp Friction and that I wanted to try out the Sugar Crush that everyone and their dog have been raving about. I haven't used Sugar Crush yet but it smells so fresh and fruity - definitely one that'll be good for the summer.

Boots always do deals every week running up to Christmas on certain products and this Ted Baker set was on sale one week. It comes in a beautiful vanity case which I absolutely love, as well as the products inside! I would say they are very perfumy, if that makes sense! I've only used the bubble bath and body soffle which seems to sink into the skin pretty well, so far so good!

My sister got me these cute handcreams from Marks and Spencer. They're handbag friendly size and smelly gorgeous, at the moment I'm using the rose scent which is my favourite! Even though Marks and Spencer can seem old lady-ish their basic clothes and beauty bits aren't actually that bad and you know you're always going to get great quality.

My sisters boyfriends parents got me this little Sanctuary set, which will be so good for travelling! It's Sanctuary's distinct smell which I, luckily, like. Again, you know you'll always be getting good quality bath products with Sanctuary, as well as not too expensive price tags. 

Perhaps one of my favourite beauty related presents. My friend got me the Best of Korres set, which I'll admit, I hadn't really heard of before. I knew they were a Greek beauty brand but I had no clue how good they were etc. So I'm pretty excited to try this out! So far I've used the cleanser, mask and moisturiser which all seem to be doing their jobs whilst not being too heavy or thick, definitely looking forward to seeing good results from this!

I did also get a couple of Benefit make-up sets which I might possibly include in a post tomorrow. Right now I'm off out for dinner with a few friends.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Hope you had a fab Christmas Rhiannon! You got some lovely bits, I love getting beauty stuff for Christmas because it means you don't have to buy them yourself for a while haha! I agree, I love the beauty and basics section at M&S! They sell some great brands as well, I'm hoping they've put some in the sale (although I'm probably too late now!) xxx

    1. You too :) Exactly! haha Yay it's not just me who likes M&S! xxx


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