Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pumpkin Crazy

Hi? Remember me? It's been a while, too long. But I haven't forgotten you blog! I'll start with at the beginning of the crazy week:

Monday, the day after the 'Super Storm' hit, was just mad. No trains in my area running until  midday at least and even then I'd have to catch three trains just to get to London Bridge, so my first day of work experience didn't get off to the best of starts! I just gave up and came home, which I'm pretty glad about coz people were getting stuck in London with no trains running home anyway. 

Tuesday started with my first day off at the IPC publishing house which holds names like Marie Claire, Look, Woman & Home to name but a few. So to say that I was a fish out of water was an understatement! But even so the whole experience was amazing and it's really made me more motivated to get my qualifications and get a job on a magazine that suits my style. 

Friday whizzed around but didn't end with that good with me feeling ill :( I hate feeling ill and actually being ill, which is why I always sanitiser my hands etc (health freak basically). Work kindly let me have the Saturday morning off, which was spent in bed watching films for the most part. By the time I felt human again, I had to get ready for my sisters Halloween/Bonfire Party, which all my family came to, so it was one of the best evening I've had in a long while, plus she always bakes the best cakes ever! Of course it was a fancy dress party......

Yup, I'm a pumpkin, with my sister who's the cliche cat! The amount of jokes I got about being pregnant is enough to fill another post unfortunately! Aren't her cakes amazing?! Don't worry, it wasn't real glass! After a really long show of fireworks (which I now can't get the smell out of my hair!) I managed to crawl into bed, hence the reason for no posts.

Back to normal this week, so usual routine. Strangely I'm actually looking forward to going back to college..... Excitingly I got that internship I was talking about a while ago! So every Thursday I'll be working at a magazine in Brighton! Agghhh! 

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Glad you enjoyed the work experience and a massive congrats on getting that internship! Hope you're feeling super, super proud of yourself. I love your pumpkin outfit it's hilarious! xxx

    1. Thank you!! Haha it just made sense to dress up as one! xxx


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