Sunday, 10 November 2013


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People say that you should always follow your dreams and not let anything get in the way of that. If that means you want to be an astronaut but you're scared of heights, push yourself until you get on that shuttle. Sometimes I feel like we can all be a bit lazy with our aspirations (myself included) however, with a little kick start we can do it. 

Things that have been happening recently which has got me thinking, what do I actually want out of this life?! Moving out of the folks home, getting a full time job and all those 'grown up' rituals are freaking the hell out of me! Mostly because I worry that I'll end up in a job or living in a place that's not part of my 'dream'. 

Rewinding back to the past two months, I've had my first proper girls holiday, spent my birthday on a beach with no 99p ice creams or fish n chips were to be seen, went to a festival and survived, had my first legal drink and finally became an adult.... apparently. If I could, I'd 100% relive this past summer again. Although, I guess the whole point of this education shenanigan is that I'm actually suppose to get a career and make something of myself. 

Who knows who, what or where I'll be in the next five years or even this time next year? Suppose it's one that's gonna be figured out on the way.

What's your dreams and aspirations? Worry about the future just as much as I do (please tell me there's someone like me! haha)

Rhiannon xxx

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