Friday, 11 October 2013

My oh-so-exciting week

Jacket: Primark
Top and Shoes: New Look
Skirt: America Apparel
Necklace: Accessorize

Hey guys! Another week gone, another set of outfit posts to show you all! 

Since wearing this last Monday my news years resolution of wearing more skirts and dresses has gone out the window! But I've got a ton of autumnal outfits that I'm dying to wear as the weather has turned all boring and grey. I'm still having a play around with my photo formats and how to work them etc as at the moment my tripod consists of seven books and my face powder to keep my lens straight!

Monday was the quietest day with just the usual college day but since then it's been non stop and I've pretty much lost what day of the week and what time it is. Tuesday being my longest day, I of course booked myself in to review a restaurant for Made in Brighton, which was a gorgeous Mexican restaurant called La Choza with some of the best Mexican nosh that's ever passed my mouth. 

Wednesday was pretty full again, another article for Brighton Lite done and a social media talk with Sarah Booker Lewis from The Argus, giving us advice and tips on how to use social media websites etc. Then another evening with the guys, pizza, drink and ring of fire, you can do the very messy maths. 

Thursday was pretty much a waste of a day, I got back at around 12ish aiming to do my La Choza review and college work, but then we had another bloomin' power cut! No wifi, no tv, radio, ANYTHING! So I napped for about three hours until it came back on, it's a hard life. In the evening I caught a cheeky Chinese takeaway with Kamila and watch Harry Potter (as usual). 

I finally had that annoying eye test today. I hate touching my eyes in any way, it just creeps me out but luckily the optician didn't need to get that close as it was all straight forward as my eye sight is really good. Since then I've just been catching up with everything, but there's never enough hours in the day! Gahh! Probably should stop rambling on here then....

Rhiannon xxx 


  1. it's great! congratulations! Do you wanna follow each other? let me know! I wait for you on my blog!

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check out your blog :) x


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