Friday, 18 October 2013

Clothes, Make up and Chocolate.... all a girl needs.

After a couple of stressful weeks studying in Brighton, I needed to go shopping. Especially after I haven't actually been in to the centre since starting college, except for the odd Starbucks....

Dress: Primark

First pit stop was Primark, well after the obligatory Starbucks. Full of jumpers and coats that I really don't need, I manage to steer myself away from them and towards the dresses. I only picked this up by chance, but I'm thinking maybe adding my red loafers, red accessorises and my mac coat for a couple of interviews I have next week, sorted!

Jeans: H&M

Any girl will know the pain of finding a pair of jeans, luckily H&M came to my rescue pretty quickly. Before I've tried on jeans there that are too big or small (apparently they don't do 30 30) but I managed to fit into these so well, I can't actually believe it. 

Dare I say that I've found the perfect jeans?! Kinda like the Leigh jeans from Topshop but a lot thicker and better quality. For £29.99, pretty good going, although my mum felt the need to point out that they have holes in and that I should return them....

Chocolate: Hotel Chocolat

The best chocolate company in the land. Without fail this will be gone in a couple of hours. Every Christmas my mum gets me a mini selection pack..... which suddenly disappears by the time it comes to New Years Eve!

Boots: Aussie Heat Protection Spray, Condition and Shampoo

I did buy these last few beauty bits last week, so they don't really count, but I thought I'd chuck them in anyway! Probably the only hair care that agrees with my crazy hair, so I'm always repurchasing whenever they're on sale. The Heat Protection spray is a new formula which I only bought because I couldn't find my usual one, but it has more in it, so hopefully it's better value!

Boots: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer and Maybelline Falsies Mascara

The famous Wake Me Up range has been across so many blogs, people have just gone crazy for them. I'm quite picky with my skin products, as I want to keep it a light and natural as possible but my dark under eye circles have always been a problem. The Collection concealer is slightly too thick and cakey sometimes, but this formula is so smooth and lightweight that I'm so glad a nabbed the last one in my shade!

The mascara was a slight splurge. Having not bought a mascara in a while and considering most of my mascara ends up clumped underneath my eyes, a new waterproof mascara seems the best idea. But, oh my, aren't they a pain to take off?!! Ripping most of my poor eyelashes out :( But it does solve the whole panda eye issue.

Thanks for reading! Hope you've all had a great week!

Rhiannon xxx

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