Sunday, 8 September 2013


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Another lazy post from me.... I saw this quote on a friend's instagram and searched around Pinterest to add it to my growing quote board! It's actually quite relevant to what's going to happen to me tomorrow. I'm sure you're probably got sick of me talking about me starting college tomorrow but it's a massive thing happening at the moment and considering I literally know no one, besides the two main tutors, and that I've only been there three times, I'm pretty nervous.

It doesn't help that my parents have decided to hop off to Greece for a week too! But my lovely sister is giving me a lift to the train station as it's a nightmare to park there. Then it's actually getting the train which is another worry, gotta get the right one at the right time! Then when I get there its the walk to the confusing part of the Lanes in Brighton to find the college, which I do have a map for and super quick legs to get me there and in the right room before 9. Finally, I'm worried about what they're going to be expecting me to do, obvs I won't be a top journalist straight away! I just hope there's at least someone else there on the same level as me.

Phew, so glad I got all my worries off my chest! Sorry if this is a bit of a boring post but I really needed to write it down so it doesn't seem that scary!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. It's only natural to worry! I hope writing it all down helps, I'm sure you're gonna be absolutely fine! Loads of luck today and I'm sure everyone will be in the same boat as you xxx


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