Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Future

Jacket: Primark
Shirt and Shoes: New Look
Jeans: M&S
Bag: Zara

Howdy! I've been slightly absent from here for a few days, mostly because I've finished college so late each day. Most of the time I've gotten back at six or later, so I've been pretty pooped each evening! This was my outfit for my first day, hence the reason why my bag is so stuffed, man it was heavy! I wanted something comfortable and casual but still smart, so I think this works. Although I found out that these suede-type shoes are NOT good in the rain! Instead of rambling on about each day and what happened I'll just round it up: 

1. It wasn't as scary as I thought
2. It's a lot more pressure and intense than sixth form and A-Levels
3. The hours are long I didn't leave until 5:30 the other day and actually got home at 7:30 :(
4. It's a lot more independent than school, so you have to actually motivate yourself to do the work
5. I can actually make friends whilst being myself, probably my biggest worry for the first week!

Basically, a pretty long and tiring week but I'm actually excited for next week and what we'll be learning and doing.

I only go in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but obviously they're quite late days so for now I think I'll just be posting the other four days, hopefully I'll be able to get back into a daily routine though!

Hope you all have been having a good week!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Yay, glad it went well! Those hours sound so long though, poor you. xxx

    1. Thank you! I know :( But hopefully worth it! xxx


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