Friday, 27 September 2013

Not another haul.....

Yup, I went shopping.... Not a massive amount but still enough to fill a post, enjoy!

Woooo, Polos, how exciting. Recently I've been going through these packets very very quickly! Due to another mint addict at college and my worry of nasty breath, coz no one really wants that. Look magazine, I'll admit, I only bought this because it was 99p, such a sucker for the deals. Digital Photographer Magazine, not because I actually want to be a photographer (I think these photos on here prove that I have zilch talent when it comes to taking photos!) but it's for my Business of Magazine classes. I do have an interest in cameras, especially after filming my music video, and as I only need the basics behind the magazine it might as well be something that I have an interest in! Although they do not come cheap, £5 for this magazine?! Nearly broke my heart....

Both £10 from Primark
Yup I've jumped on the fluffy jumper bandwagon. And I am not sorry. I feel like a cuddly bear when I wear this! If you are going to get one of these jumpers from Primark, get the size down. I'm usually a 8/10 but this is a 6!!! And it's still baggy. Oh the sizing drama. A pretty throw to chuck on my bed to stop my cats making my bed fluffy. It's absolutely massive, covers the whole of my double bed pretty nicely and who doesn't like flowers?! 

Both from Superdrug (2 for £4 deal)
I may have a slight addiction to tea tree products at the moment, but they've made such a massive difference to my skin. I've got a toner from Lush, nose strips from Boots, a spot stick thing from Superdrug and finally the actual oil, which I dab straight onto spots as I find that's the best soothing product for me. Basically I cannot fault tea tree products at the moment. I got the Exfoliating Cream Wash, that I used successfully this morning and a small bottle of the pure essence.

Simple Moisturiser - Wilko (£2)
Maxfactor All Day 3 in 1 Foundation - Superdrug (£8.99, sale)

You've all probably got sick and tired of me praising Wilko for their cheap products, but seriously, £2 for a moisturiser that would've cost me £4 or so in Boots, I know which one I'd go for! The foundation was definitely an impulse buy. I did try out a sample one and found that it stayed put for the whole day, but the shade was too dark for me anyway. Of course, I was the palest shade there! It'll probably get more used in the winter, but then again I do exactly tan in the summer...

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Rhiannon xx 

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