Sunday, 15 September 2013


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Scrolling through Pinterest is probably my new favourite thing to do. It's strange how something like a simple quote, like above, can actually make you happier. After reflecting on this past week I'm pretty happy just the way myself and everything else is. Although new experiences are so scary, my first day proved that one to me! I've managed to go through the whole week without banging my head against a wall, waiting for the next holiday time I can have off school. Telling me that I'm perhaps braver than I thought I was :)

Today I drove my sister and myself up to the London Harry Potter Studios and had a right geek off with all things harry p. I'll probably do a separate post of that sometime in the week coz I've got a ton of photos to sort through! Besides that I've just been spending quality time with my sister and her boyfriend then went home to clear up the mess I left from getting in late from last night. All in prep for another week which I'm really looking forward to!

Hope you all have an amazing week too!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Woo, glad you're happy :D look forward to your Harry P post too, not really a fan but I always thought the sets were amazing xxx


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