Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cathy Kelly Event

So if you've read the above post you'll have a rough idea what I did last week. My mum managed to get tickets to an event Woman&Home held where we got to meet author Cathy Kelly. I have read a few of her books but they aren't really targeted at my age group so it wasn't a surprise to see a lot of older women there.

We were instructed to go to the Blue Fin building nearby to London Bridge, which is headquarters for IPC media who publish magazines such as Look, Now and more specialist magazines too. After being greeted by friendly staff from the magazine with a glass of champagne or elderflower cordial for me (not a massive champagne drinker anyway!) I walked out onto a gorgeous balcony with cute picnic benches and fairy lights everywhere, but the view was probably the best part. Here's my dodgy iPhone picture, doesn't really do it justice! 

After that we were called into a room with rows of comfy chairs and. much to my delight, goody bags (do people still call them that?!) but more of that later! Another journalist/author asked a few questions about the book, as it wasn't actually published yet and then Cathy read a bit from the book and finally we could ask questions ourselves. I did keep putting my hand up but other people beat me to it and asked long winded questions that took a while to answer. Cathy then did a book signing which was when I asked her my question (she used to be a journalist herself so I wanted to know more about that!) instead she gave me her personal email address to ask her a few questions! Obviously I emailed her on the train home, not wanting to forget my questions.  Perhaps my favourite quote she said was "Life is full of grey areas" because it's true really, no one actually knows what they're doing in life until they find it!

Now onto the goody bag:

Pen which ERASES! Paperchase diary, Cathy Kelly Book, Thortons chocolates, Lindtt chocolate bar and Woman&Home Mag.

Remember those pens? I remember people at school having them but never actually owning one myself, who knew how much fun you could have rubbing pen out... A really pretty and professional Paperchase diary which I love already. A Cathy Kelly book which I am yet to read. God that's a lot of chocolate.... they know how to get to my heart then! A fitness magazine which will hopefully kick start my healthy eating and exercise regime again!

Cetuem Nail polish, Body butter from Nurture, Halo hand wipes, Vintage cosmetics tweezer and bath and massage oil from Arnicare.

Being a women's magaizine they had to include a few beauty bits! I tried the nail polish out the other day and it's come out a hot pink/pink grapefruit colour. I did google the brand and found that they usual retail at £9.95! High hopes for them now. A really creamy and rich body butter that I'm looking forward to using. Handy hand wipes, they must have know I'm a clean freak. Cute tweezers that, shock horror, actually work! The bath and massage oil was one that I was looking forward to using coz my back still aches from my car accident last year and probably won't be the same again, so I'll hoping this will sort it out a bit! 

And finally the signed book she gave me!

Obviously a massive thanks to Cathy and Woman&Home for organising the wonderful event. The whole goody bag came to at least double the ticket value or more! 
Overall I had a brilliant evening and would love to do more events like this, with the included goody bag of course.... 

Thanks for reading! 

Rhiannon xxx

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