Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Recovery.....

So from my last post I guess you guys know where I've been for the past few days if not I've been to.... Reading Festival! And I survived! 

I haven't got that many photos, even though I promised some, coz they wouldn't have been that good. Plus I didn't want to really worry about taking perfect photos of each act, I'd rather enjoy them! My friends did take a few photos so I'll add them in at the end :)

So it began with a mini sleepover at my friend's Charlotte, as she had a free house and we were leaving for the train at 5 am so it worked out quite well. I'd say this is when my sleep disappeared. After a few Wii games, I popped off to bed for about 4 hours sleep. Not good, when I'm used to 8 hours+. The train journey went pretty smoothly, it's the walk through the actual festival grounds which is a killer. Carrying what felt like a baby elephant for about an hour and a half, we eventually found a camping spot with a few other friends and set up our tents in a little circle. A trip to the local supermarket to get food and drinks, of course all non-alcoholic.....! A pretty relaxed day and evening with a wander around the camps and then a BBQ. This was when I discovered the toilets. Anyone who knows about festivals, will know about the toilets. I can't remember what they're called, drop toilets or something! It's basically a toilet seat with a hole going into a massive container thing with everyone else's businesses. Wasn't too bad on the first day but by the last you couldn't go in without gagging. Plus there wasn't any loo roll or hand basins, nice. But there were showers, although I didn't use them because I didn't have a swimsuit with me :( but now I know for next year!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much the same: bacon roll for brekkie, get ready, go to the arena to see the first acts, a general mooch around the arena, back to camp for food and a quick drink with everyone, then back for the last acts of the night and finally bed at around 2ish. 

So on the Friday I saw: Skindred, New Found Glory, Frank Turner, Green Day, Bastille
Saturday: Eminem, Chase & Status, Foals, Darwin Deez, Theme Park, 
Sunday: Biffy Clyro, Fall Out Boy, The Lumineers, Disclosure, AlunaGeorge, Tribes, San Cisco

I think I've missed out on a few that we saw a little bit of their set but either way we saw a lot! I'd definitely day New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Biffy Clyro, Bastille and the brilliant and most amazing Eminem were my top five! 

Since we got back yesterday, I've slept, washed, eaten a cow and a half and washed all my stuff and worked all day today. I've brought back blisters, bruises, bites and a bloody cold too, but it was so worth it! If you ever get the chance to do something like this I'd go for it! Get your friends together, a decent sleeping bag and a ton of energy and you're set.

I'll stop blabbering now. Business will resume as normal tomorrow

Rhiannon xxx

Woo, festival wrist bands! (Clock the over 18 wrist band easier than carrying my ID around with me!)

Yes, the coconut and myself

Helen, Me and Charlotte

Me and Helen

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