Sunday, 11 August 2013

Review: Bourjois Colour Boost

 Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach

So instead of doing my usual Sunday report I thought I'd do a review of my latest purchase! After having a pretty good morning on Friday I wanted to treat myself to either the Maybelline Baby Lips or the Bourjois new lip crayon, of course the Baby lips weren't out yet... sad face, so I picked up Peach on the Beach at the Bourjois counter! Great name first off, after a little hesitation at the packaging (it's luminous pink, I wasn't sure whether the lip crayon would be the same colour!) I swatched it and fell in love with the colour and consistency. It's super moisturising but not to the point where it's greasy and the colour is so build able. I'm not a massive bright lip colour fan so I just add one layer but it's a good one to build up with confidence! I wore it today when I went out for lunch and the colour pretty much stayed on, throughout eating and drinking etc, which is good because it claims to stay put for 10 hours and is waterproof. Two added bonuses are the SPF 15 ingredients and the silver twisty bit at the bottom which twists up like a lipstick so there's tons more than the tip (I had no clue that it did this and just thought it was a bit loose but turns out that my Revlon Just Bitten does the same thing.... oh the little things in life!)

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. baby lips are my favorite but this looks fun too! a lot more pigmented. reminds me of Clinique chubby sticks :)

    1. It's so much more pigmented than the baby lips, but not too pigmented like a lipstick, if that makes sense :) xx


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