Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Reading Festival

So I'm sure you can tell what this post is about from the title...... yes I am going to Reading Festival tomorrow!!! Yay! As I packed the other day I thought I'd take a few pictures of my outfits etc, as I'm not going to be able to post anything whilst I'm away, but I'll definitely get a ton of photos to show you all! Plus I was searching on the old Internet on what people packed for festivals and thought I'd do my own. Right lets get on with it....

Yup, my bag all packed. I thought I'd be able to fit my sleeping bag in there too but boy was I wrong!
My outfit for the ridiculously early train on Thursday morning, about five I think! I'm trying to prepare for all kinds of weather, but I'm layering stuff so it'll be easy to take off etc.

A cute little playsuit. Not really sure what day I'll wear this, guess its whatever mood I'm in! Can easily be worn with or without leggings and the obligatory wellies. 

This is my 'hot weather' outfit, high waisted shorts, printed top and checked shirt. What's the betting that I'll get sun burnt at least somewhere on my body over the weekend.....

My much loved t-shirt dress, worn with leggings or the above shorts, as it's quite short just by its self! I think that some kind of band or slogan t-shirt is the bog standard festival outfit for anyone.

Possibly my going home clothes as they're comfy but not that exciting! I LOVE these style of t-shirts, so cool. Also it's my spare 'ah it's too cold, typical British weather' top.

A few of my toiletries, a small towel, loo roll, face wipes, suncream etc. I'm one of those people who fills little bottles from the bigger bottles when I want to travel light, thrifty traveller! Also I've obviously got my pink patterned mac and my little piggy wind up torch, it would be so embarrassing to end up in the wrong tent.....

Overall, what I'm packing:
1 pair of Denim Shorts
1 pair of black skinny jeans
1 playsuit
1 shirt
1 cardigan
1 scarf
1 jumper
1 denim jacket
1 Mac
1 pair of wellies
2 trainers/ Converse
4 T-shirts

My toiletries are:
Baby wipes x 2
Face Moisturiser
Dry Shampoo
Hair bands, grips etc
Make up
First Aid stuff
Toothbrush and tooth paste
Shower Gel
Hand Sanitiser

I think that's everything....Basically the lightest I've ever packed! Everything is really mini and all my clothes are rolled up to make more room. Plus I've got a few snacks in there in case I get the munchies! 

Hope this post was helpful! See you in a couple of days!

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Hope you have loads of fun and that the weather behaves! xxx

  2. LOVE the playsuit!! It's so cute!

  3. tehe, a toilet roll, so essential for a festival. I love how neat your packing is, mine would look like such a mess! Have a great time!

    Em x

    1. Of course! Haha it saved me! Thank you! xx


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