Saturday, 10 August 2013

Poorly Clive

Cardigan and Earrings: Topshop
Top: Primark
Jeans: M&S
Shoes and Bag: New Look

God, why am I posing weird?! It was so difficult trying to smile with a polo mint in my mouth! If you don't believe me, try it! So this is what I wore the other night at an impromptu dinner with my friend Kamila. I didn't have time to dry my hair and my make-up was done in about five minutes.... pro at getting ready in ten minutes (judging by these photos I am actually not!) If you've followed my blog for a while now you may have noticed I'm not a stranger to a turn up jean, for some reason that little bit of ankle makes all the difference, apparently! Either that or my ankles were hot! Haha

For a strange reason I am in a good mood. My morning didn't get off to the best though. My car wouldn't start, so as my mother trundled me off to work, the RAC (car breakdown company) came along and found out the problem. Clive's crankshaft sensor doesn't work, which means that if I stop at traffic lights or something then he might not get going again, something to do with the petrol not getting to the engine. So unfortunately Clive the Clio is going to the garage on Tuesday to get fixed. I thank God that it wasn't whilst I was driving home yesterday, would've been horrible to breakdown in rush hour traffic! I kinda felt that something like this was going to happen though. I'm a big believer in karma and things like you get back what you put into life. So perhaps my moaning of a brilliant work experience has come back to bite me on the arse. Now I'm gonna be grateful for the chance to even write for my local paper, because some people don't get the same chances that I've had. *Glass Orb and mystic face put away now* 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Rhiannon xxx

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