Saturday, 3 August 2013

Let's get fit..... or not!

Hiii! I'm not one for the gym, let's face it who really is?! But I do love a good jog. I've tried Zumba and yoga classes but I don't feel like I've actually done anything! If you put me in a gym on a running machine or something I think I'd go crazy! I feel like it's 100% better for you to actually run places rather than on the same treadmill, although apparently you're suppose to warm up for a jog, which is now why I'm regretting not doing so as my muscles cry in pain :(  I'm pretty much kitted out in Nike in these photos, the shoes I've had for years after Sports Direct had a sale but they're the most comfy and supportive things ever and the leggings and pink bra were my sisters (the bonuses of previously working in JD) Right now I think the weather has given me the fitness bug and allowed me to push through the wall of pain to make me feel better in the long run.... well that's what I tell myself!

Today I worked the morning, came home and went out for a run. Then finished my book and caught up on blogs and youtube videos, my evening sorted! I thought my brother would be around but he buggered off to a Reading football match, guess it's just me by myself tonight. Pretty sad for an eighteen year old girl, but I don't think a hangover would agree with my early morning start at work and super busy few weeks ( Haven't got a single day off until 27th August! That's work plus work experience and Reading Festival, god it's a hard life! haha) 

Wow it's been a bit rambling today! I'll stop. Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Rhiannon xxx

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