Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kos: Day Seven

After last nights calmer and more subdued evening I was ready for our final full day in Kos. We all still had a few shopping bits to do, so we idly wandered the shops and got everything we needed plus a few sweets! We then headed to the pool coz there was not much point going to the beach at that time and most of the people weren't there due to the Boat Party the reps were holding that day.

Such a quite pool.....

The last night the reps held the White Party.... another bar crawl and free entry into another club. Me, Shannon and Aby ventured out after quite a few pre-drinks and got a few shots at the bar to then go onto the club. I didn't stay that long in the club, I had already done my signature moves (the sprinkler, dealing the cards, the lawnmower etc...) and I was feeling pretty tired by that point, plus we were leaving tomorrow at around 5ish and had to be out by 12, so no lie-in for us!

 Yes my top is orange... but my shorts and shoes were white, plus you don't want to look too white! My skin does that enough.

Come prepared with dance moves, otherwise you look like a bit of an idiot!
Pre-drink Pre-drink Pre-drink, it's cheap and all you have to do is buy shots at the bar to keep you going!

Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xxx

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